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A group for the Original Character. From casual creators to OC hoarders. All are welcome! From any fandom! Even the so called "Mary Sue". Why? Because every OC has potential, no matter how they begin. And even if a character IS a Mary Sue, the artist deserves to be in a group with the good artists so they can learn to make good characters.
This group will explore OCs from any genre and hopefully will help people to improve apon their own along the way. Members can give critiques of other member's characters in a FRIENDLY fashion. Any character or artist bashing will result in being kicked from the group.

If you would like your OC critiqued by the other members of the group Post a comment on the front page of the group and one of the admins will post blog presenting your character to be critiqued by the masses. For this you will need to provide a full bio for your character and a picture. If you can not draw there are hundreds of bases on this site for you to use.

-BE POLITE. There is no reason to insult the artist or their character because it may have an issue. If you feel something is wrong with a character state it clearly and hy you believe it is a problem.
-NO FLAMING. period. Just dont do it. corresponds with the above rule.
-If you feel the pictuer they have used or the character is stolen, report it to the admins. This is only in case we dont catch it. We are busy people. We may not. And I am not into every fandom ever made, neither are the others, so we may not know how original something is in it's fandom.
-Make polite suggestions on how you believe the problems can be fixed. If you have a problem with an OC, try and provide ways you think that problem can be fixed. Don't be pushy, just someideas you think will help the artist become more original.

If you do not want your oc critiqued like this but you still want it critiqued, you may note the group and only the admins will see it ^^

General rules: (you will get 3 warnings before being banned from the group.)
-NO character bashig on any artist or oc.

-No harassment of artists. Like the above, not nessessary. If you are caught harassing another member of this site, and you do not stop after you are told, you will be removed from the group and reported.

-No posting stolen work. Just don't do it. Violating this rule will result in an immediate banning from the group. No warnings. And you will be reported.

-No stealing characters. Like the above but a little different. You can post your own work but still be using another persons character. This is more easily resolved. YOu will be told to change the character to make it more original. if you have to be told more than 3 times, you will be removed. Seriously, it's not hard to be original.

-Submit to the right folder!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This one will not get you kicked out but if you dont submit to the proper folder after the third time, your submissions will be suspended for 2 weeks. Each time you are suspended anothedr week is added. Once it gets to a month of suspentions you will be removed from the group.… this is the folder directory if you have questions

Rules for Admins Because I feel you all are allowed to know how the admins work.
-Keep an eye on the folders. Be sure that people are submitting to the proper folders. If some one submits to the wrong folder comment on the submission and tell them which folder it goes in and tell them to resubmit.

-Be sure that the members are following the rules. But don't bully them into it. If you see another person being harassed bu one of our members, politely step i and tell them to stop.

-Keep a sharp eye for stolen art. A lot of time's it's easy to spot. Stolen art tends to be totally differnt from everything else in the thieve's gallery. A lot of times the stolen art will also have the signature of the original. Ad should you find out who the origial is, promptly inform them that their work is being used. But keep your cool.

-check messages regularly. They tend to pile up. we dont want anything to expire before we get to it.

-Don't regect possible members because you have a personal vendetta with them. if you feel you are not fit to judge, let some one else accept them.

-To go along with the above, if there is a user who has broken multiple of the above rules and is continuing to to present time, do ot accept them. We do not want our members harassed or flamed by another member. They can do that on their time, not ours.
-Fill out something about yourself in the "About Us" section! Let the members know who you are!

All in all, just have fun! Submit whatever you like! And if you feel that we need new folders for any category that you feel is important enough to have it's own, dont be shy! Tell us whatever you need us to do and we'll hop on it!

Also, if you have a friend who wants thier oc to be critiqued or may be interested in joining, send them our way. Or send us to them and we will send them an invite.
Also if you have a question on where your oc should go, just ask ^^ We'll point you in the right direction!
All you need to join is an OC.

Gallery Folders


To quote ThoughtfulNightOwl, Okies.. Let the fun times roll! Here's the link to my main oc Akyri. Have at me but just remember the rules is all I ask. :aww:

thoughtfulnightowl.deviantart.… *Warning: long bio is long*

Also, the bio included her other two forms.
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Can I join? :D (Big Grin) 
LordOfTheShadow97 Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2014
Sure, go right ahead, no one will stop you.
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Indeed you can~ Just hit the join button! ^^
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YYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And also I want people to tell me what they think of my OC Less.
I will be doing alot more OC's!
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LordOfTheShadow97 Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2013
Ok great to have you.

On the thinking of your OC there's not much to say beside what I see which is a big blue bird. To really get other people interested in your OC. My friendly suggestion is perhaps make a bio for him.
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Bublebbunny Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Nice group, I've been searching for a group like this in a LOOOOONGGG time so may I join?
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Sure thing~! No need to ask, you can go right ahead and join! :D
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